For Recruiters

Are you interested in becoming an independent recruiter?

Have you thought you’d be good at sales but didn’t want to have to make cold calls?

Then you’ve come to the right place!  Recruiting is sales without the sales.  You are calling candidates for job orders so they are happy to speak with you!

National Talent Finder is a firm of independent recruiters.  We bring in job orders in and teach you how to recruit on them.  Not only that, but we supply the vehicles for finding candidates such as job boards, a robust LinkedIn group, website, and much more!

Independent recruiting is a flexible work option.  Most of the recruiters on our team are parents who want to be parents first and still earn an income during hours they aren’t with their children.  We offer the ability to work 100% remotely as well!

Please email us your resume if you are interested in being an independent recruiter for National Talent Finder!