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We expand your capabilities to cover more job orders without the risk of hiring a full-time recruiter who may not deliver. We can also work job orders that are your agency’s core competency.  For instance if your agency’s primary focus is on contract roles and have been turning down full-time job orders from clients, National Talent Finder will find the perfect candidate for those full-time job orders so that you no longer have to leave money on the table with existing clients.

We will recruit on your direct, full-time, permanent job orders, contract, contract to hire and we will also recruit consultants to your bench and assist you in filling your contract job orders.

There are many reasons to utilize a firm of independents whether it is recruiting on orders you are currently turning down, or you suddenly get an influx of job orders that you did not expect and your recruiters don’t have the bandwidth to cover, or perhaps you are short a recruiter temporarily and need a temporary recruiter to fill in while you find the right person for your organization to be a full-time recruiter. Whatever your agency’s reason may be we are here to help!


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