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A unique firm of independent recruiters with one mission:

Connecting People+Filling Jobs

Founder Information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosannelandon/

Please contact rosanne@nationaltalentfinder.com with interest


We have nationwide partnerships on contract roles in order to have a vast offering of locations for each candidate. For permanent openings we work with each of our clients directly (not as a sub-contractor) so your resume gets to the right person at the organization quickly and is not lost into the dark hole of an applicant tracking system.

Due to being a team of independent recruiters we are able to keep our operating costs low and get better pay for our candidates and clients. We don’t have set margin #’s to hit so we pass along that savings to you and have created a better way to go about recruiting. This has proven to be better for the candidate and better for the client!

In a world where you as a candidate are getting multiple calls a day from different agencies and recruiters,  it is hard to know with whom to work. We help clarify your options to find the best fit for your next career move. Your options could include working for a firm as a contractor on a specific assignment, becoming a full-time employee of a consulting firm, or working for a company as a full-time direct employee. Let us help you simplify your choices and find your career path!

The job openings we work to offer candidates and fill for our clients include both full-time and contract opportunities. We offer the unique ability to specialize in national searches to find the right role for you!

We specialize in national recruitment for both contract and permanent, full-time candidates. Our niche is national recruitment for the HealthcareIT arena (EMR, CHR, AND EHR related roles, e-learning, IT/IS, clinical, and compliance job openings.  Currently placed from the Analyst level all the way up to the CMIO level.

National Talent Finders specializes in filling HealthcareIT and training roles.

HealthcareIT offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • IT/EMR Analysts
  • IT/EMR Trainers
  • IT/EMR Testers
  • IT/EMR Project Managers
  • ICD-10 Project Managers
  • Supervisors/Managers, Directors
  • C-level candidates

Candidates with Electronic Medical Record software experience for Ambulatory, Inpatient, Ancillary, and Revenue Cycle implementations, Upgrades, and Optimizations for the following:

  • Epic
  • Cerner
  • Allscripts
  • Meditech

National Talent Finder

Connecting People+Filling Jobs